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Lotus – is a metaphor for the Buddha. Thus the Lotus is not something that we are meant to take lightly; it symbolizes the highest truth. The Buddha was the most perfect being, the enlightened one, and this is why the idea of the Lotus is called the supreme truth, or the true. The idea of purity is an important theme in Buddhism. Pure is often seen as a good thing. In Buddhist philosophy, there are many things that we consider to be pure, but which in the end might be pure and beautiful. However many of the things that we consider to be pure may not be. Pure is always to be found in the process of seeing as it really is – that is, seeing things as they truly are. This is the principle that leads to our own path of growth, enlightenment, and liberation. But there is more to the Lotus as a subject of study than meets the eye. The teachings of the Buddha are often called the “Three Refuges.” These are the Three Great Ways – seeing, hearing, and cognizing. The Three Great Ways are not things that need to “be seen,” or be heard. This is why the Buddha said that seeing the sun and the moon with one’s own eyes is the first step of enlightenment. The second step is to gain knowledge and understand. The third step is to recognize that one must see, hear, and be cognizant of the teachings in order to be the Buddha. For this reason, the Lotus may also be referred to as the “Holy Flower.” The most important lesson that the Lotus teaches is simply that you have no more control over your life than you do over the flowers around you. If all things are within us, that means our minds can have nothing to do with them.

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What are the three great ways of seeing things? When we take our eyes, or mind, or heart in for inspection, we can see our own thoughts and feelings. We may be thinking and feeling things that are contrary to what is right, or things that we should not be thinking or feeling. In other words, we have power in this relationship. Therefore, since the mind and eye are the most important parts of each of us, we can see what we choose, and what we do not want to see.

What is that which you want? You cannot make a decision about what you want. In fact, you never do. All you can do is to try to see what you want. You cannot make a decision about what you want

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