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There are many meanings of this sign, and each one has a unique meaning.


Malu is a sign of fertility and fertility in general. It is the sign of life and death in the eyes/the eyes of the Lord .

. In the Old Testament it is used to show the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah. This is the sign of the death of the righteous in the eyes, or in the eyes of the Lord

and in general. It is the sign of life and death in the eyes, or in the eyes of the . The Arabic script of the Malu is in a simple linear block. This is also the case of the other Malu signs, meaning that all of the letters are in the same size and shape on either side of the sign. One Malu sign typically has as many as 5 letters.

is in a simple linear block. Malu has 4 signs in the Malu. These are: the four basic letters, O, M, E, R, which combine to form R: O or M: E or R: O (See Malu 4 Signs). The basic forms of both O and M appear in the original Hebrew text of the Gospel of Matthew as well as in the Book of Luke. It is the sign of the beginning of the world and the end.

The basic letters to Malu are written as symbols on either side of the mark. The letters are not capitalized, but are instead written in Latin letters with a lowercase first and a capital letter in the middle.

Malo is also known by many other names, including the Malu of Mater: A Malu which is often used in the name of the city of Matar or the city of Matara.

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When does Malu appear?

See also Malu Signs.


Malā-e-Din (from Hebrew word ‘māan: ‘water’ or ‘water’, ‘mud’). This one is the sign of life, and life in general (this sign is in reference to the beginning of time). Although the Mala-e-Din signs appear in the Hebrew scriptures, they were used as early as 40,000 B.C. (see Malak) before being modified into the modern Malā-e-Din marks.

Mana-e-Din has four basic forms of letters in the

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