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Many of the biblical laws that do not eat meat are the same laws that prohibit certain types (e.g., wine, dairy, honey, figs, olive oil, and spices). These types of food are usually forbidden because they interfere with worship (e.g., wine, oil, figs) or are associated with witchcraft or paganism (e.g., honey, figs). The Bible does not specify what types of foods are not to be eaten, but some of the biblical laws that make it clear that certain types of food are not acceptable do say that certain foods must not be eaten. In 1 Samuel 14:10, for example, God “said not, ‘Let there be cattle and beasts of the field; let there be plenty of them,'” but instead, “But a people whose hearts are not right with God’s presence are to come near them to eat and drink, which do no good in the sight of God,” which is not a direct quotation. Instead, the Bible teaches that those who are not “right” with God are forbidden, just as people who are not “right” with the host (the Jewish people, including the Israelites) are forbidden from eating the animals of the field.

God prohibits certain foods from people of the land of Jordan because they are not “right.” This verse, as with many of these passages, is not referring to the eating of certain types of food, but to the way worship was being done. In the case of the Jordanians, this law would not have any effect on the eating of meat because the land of Jordan had been under foreign rule for millennia and the land itself had been destroyed and drained of people over time. By eating the meat, the Jordanians would be participating in worship, which God wanted to keep going on. (See Numbers 20:6; 2 Samuel 1:10; 1 Kings 11:1; 1 Kings 10:19; and Psalm 90:2) These commandments apply, as always, only to those who are “a people” (the Israelites, as distinct from the Canaanites, Edomites, and Ammonites) of God.

God forbids to Israelites who are in Egypt to eat their livestock or fish as part of God’s covenant with Abram. This prohibition was not specific to any specific species, but rather to a particular type of food:
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“For I said to you before, if your oxen and sheep die, they shall be food for you;

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