What foods does the Bible say not to eat?

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The Bible contains many moral codes and rules of proper behavior. One of its most notable passages in this respect concerns eating meat. The Torah says:

“You shall not sow your field with the blood thereof; you shall not shed blood on the altar of your God. You shall not eat the blood of any bird of the sanctuary that is kept in the house. You shall not sacrifice the animal of any of your birds that go in the nest; you shall not make any of your flesh to go in the fire or to be burned. You shall not make any of your young birds to die on the altar, and you shall not bathe your birds with water.” [Leviticus chapter 19]

This command to abstain from animal flesh is given to all those that are permitted to reproduce. However, the Torah also stipulates other rules on the same topic, such as:

“You shall not put an intoxicant on any of your food; you may have them while it is cool [i.e, for an emergency], but never in hot weather…For the Lord your God is a merciful God, forgiving iniquity and iniquities; he has no love for oppressors.” [Deuteronomy chapter 10]

This second command is meant to protect yourself against the harmful effects of drinking alcohol. Other animals are treated as property to be protected, though this prohibition extends to humans as well.

What foods does the Bible say?

We have discussed the prohibition against slaughtering animals earlier, but there are other rules that apply to all meat. The Torah says:

“You shall not make any of your flesh suitable for eating…You shall not make any of your flesh for any of the things eaten on the altar, or for a sacrifice of any kind, and also you may not leave any meat off of anything made suitable for eating. These are the rules of the sanctuary, as it was when you made it, and as it is for you today.” [Leviticus chapter 20]

This rule specifically states that no meat can be obtained from swine, the slaughter of animals for slaughter and food preparation, and the cutting of hides and other hidey bones for meat preparation.

What about eggs?

The Torah specifically prohibits eating eggs from the swine. Some other animals also are prohibited from eating eggs. These include cows, sheep, goats, lambs and fish, as well as pigs and chickens. The Torah says: