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This is the name given to an ink invented by a Samoan tattoo artist and used to decorate bodies during the time of the Samoans (the last great tribe to inhabit New Zealand). However it’s actually a mixture of yellow (or sometimes green) and green blood color.

So what is tattooing like?

The typical Samoans have a tattoo removal rate that is 20 per 100,000 individuals (not counting accidents or suicides). There’s absolutely no health insurance policy in the world for tattoo removal or tattoo designs – so you have to be prepared to fork out lots of money for those hours.

Do you have to go back or can we get the tattoo removed?

Yes, there are several ways to get a tattoo removed – you can have someone remove an original, or you can have someone who has experience in plastic surgery get that part removed.

What are tattoo shops like?

There are two Samoan tattoo shops in Auckland, so obviously people tend to take in and like what they see. But there’s a third shop in the North.

I saw an advert on the Facebook page for that shop and I thought it was really cool – they have a tattoo area in there called the ‘Tattoo Salon’.

A tattoo shop in Auckland will typically only charge $8-$10 for any tattoo removal if it’s over 30 days old

Who wants a tattoo removed?

If you have tattoos on your face, groin, and/or lower back, you’re at a bit of a pickle. Tattoos that are permanent or that cover a lot of areas in your body are particularly problematic, and can have lots of complications and risks you don’t want.

One thing we do know for certain is that there is a large rate of death in New Zealand based on people who die with their tattoos on in the first place. You could be dead as soon as 30 days! So if you’re interested in getting a tattoo removed or tattoo removal, you should read what we know about tattoo removal for New Zealanders.

What should I ask my dentist before I have a tattoo removal?

Most people ask that question when you ask them about a dental appointment. Before you have your tooth done you should talk to your dentist. If the dentist does it on your own then that’s fine because they’re not supposed to be doing dental work on you without giving you enough information.

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