What is a Samoan tattoo called?

It’s a tattoo.

How long does it take to get a Samoan tattoo?

After the tattoo, it takes about two weeks to have it ready. But you don’t have to hurry to get it done. You can start when you get the tattoo on either side of the elbow.

How do I get a Samoan tattoo?

The best way is to ask your stylist or your hairdresser for one so you know exactly what it looks like. Or you’ve got the tattoo on your arm, and you want to know how it looks.

We’ll explain your tattoos better, here are a few ideas.

1. The Monkey Head

One way to get a tattoo of a monkey is to take the tattoo from your skin. Most tattoo parlors have art on their walls that allows you to take the tattoo from your skin. The same thing is done on your shoulder; if you’re a little bit taller than everybody else.

What you’ll need:

A needle . If you have a tattoo parlor nearby you can buy one. Just ask when you go in.

. If you have a tattoo parlor nearby you can buy one. Just ask when you go in. A little bit of white skin .

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011 film) - Wikipedia
. Soak the tattoo up.

2. The Mollusk or Giant Whale

A giant whale is a symbol of strength and health. It’s a symbol of prosperity because it’s a symbol of abundance. So you can have a big tattoo of a giant whale if you want. You can also have a giant fish tattooed on your face.

I hope I can help you in your creative endeavors. Do you have questions about the Samoan culture? Check out our Samoan Tattoos section for more tattoo ideas.


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