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A tattoo design is a digital image of the human’s body part from a particular anatomical area to show where the area has been tattooed. Tattoos can be either permanent or temporary to give a person a body type unique to their personality. Tattoos are also used to mark special occasions for the individual and to show their appreciation.

Tattoo designs are typically black and white graphics, usually with a dark background, and are usually in a circle outline for an outline or a small circle for a full circle.

Tattoos can have a variety of design elements (e.g., designs and letters are also used, but these are not always permanent), which are also used for identification. Tattoos are also used for marking special moments. For example, a tattoo marking an anniversary can be used for identifying special people in one’s lifetime when the tattoo is seen by others.

Tattoo designs can be permanent or non-permanent, and the meaning may vary from one individual to another. Tattoos can also be different from person to person (e.g., it may be an art design or a symbol, or a tattoo that is permanent but has become less common due to use). Some tattoos are permanent; others can last for years or for many years.

Types of tattoos are found on different body regions of the body. They range from simple design to decorative. The body parts that vary the most are the head, eyes, forehead, lower-body and chest regions. For each head and eye type there are 3 variations:

Hair-trimmed (hair-less)

Directional hair-trimmed (hair-less and the hair on top)

A hair-less head or eye

Directional hair-draped, hair-trimmed, directionally

A hair-less face

A hair-trimmed head or eye


Hair-trimmed head

Facial hair-trimmed

Tattoos may also be permanent (e.g., from the body part tattooed or permanent to mark an annual anniversary of life) or temporary (e.g., from the body part tattooed temporarily for a special occasion). The permanent part may be a tattoo that becomes more common, permanent to mark an anniversary, or temporary (such as a design that is permanent and may also be permanent but becomes a less common type

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