What is a tattoo design?

In a tattoo design, a tattoo artist draws a tattoo (usually of a body part, which can include the skin, muscles, or part of a body part). A tattoo is a representation of something. Most often an idea, image, or description.

What is a body part tattoo?

A body part tattoo is a tattoo, usually of a body part that is not necessarily attached to a person’s body in the sense of having blood vessels, bone, etc. There are certain body parts—such as the feet or hands—which many people call “body parts.” Often a tattoo artist will draw a tattoo that is different from a body part. An example can be the body part’s hands and feet, which might be two different tattoo designs.

How can I become a full tattoo artist?

Tattooing can be an expensive art form. The cost of a tattoo varies greatly, depending on the exact design. An experienced tattoo artist can make a professional looking finished tattoo and cost about $500-800 (U.S.) an hour. Most tattoo artists are happy to do tattoos in bulk for larger parties or on commission. If you have many tattoos, you may need to hire a full tattoo artist.

Can a tattoo ever go away?
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Many tattoo designs cannot be removed forever. If a design is not visible to the naked eye or the wearer is very ill, surgery can sometimes be needed to remove it. A tattoo can be easily removed if the person being tattooed is healthy or the design can be hidden.

What is a body part tattoo?

A body part tattoo is a tattoo that is visible on someone’s body. Body parts may include the mouth, earlobes, breasts, feet, and eyes. In some countries, body parts are also included in the definition of bodies for sex, marriage, and other purposes.

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