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This word ‘haram’ is used in Arabic, as well as English. It is said that all things that have been created from man’s rib and human blood and flesh are haram.

What does Allah say about men and women in the Koran?

The Bible is the oldest book on the planet, and yet in the Bible, there are no verses that encourage homosexual relationships. Yet the Quran tells us that it is permissible for man to have sex with a man (Quran 2:219), and that “You shall only do what Allah has permitted you” (Quran 2:220).

In Islam, a woman can only be killed (and a man can only be punished). Women must be submissive (Sahih Muslim, 628) and men cannot be dominant (Sahih Muslim, 464).

The Quranic text is very clear regarding women. It states, “O you who believe! This is a painful torment for such women in the wombs of their mothers as they see Allah’s Signs (interpretation of the meaning):

And give alms (to the poor), do not steal, do not murder, do not bear false witness against your neighbor, or utter lies against your brother or slander (against) religion. And do not curse your father, mother, (siblings) or the people of your own clan, and do not commit illegal sexual intercourse or whatever (sin) you (may commit) against yourselves (in your hearts)”

“O you who believe! This is a painful torment for you in the womb that your mothers see Allah’s Signs, and admonish you:

“Be cautious, that you do not commit unlawful sexual intercourse (with other than your wives), because all unlawful sexual intercourse is (committed) by this (biological) link (husband, wife or male) and no (other) link is lawful; and if you do commit unlawful sexual intercourse, you shall have an upper hand over your (wives) in case of war, that you may have refuge against an evil soul” [Quran 2:219]

“And indeed Allah has made (women) of a beauty (so that) the men find in them the pleasure they were looking for, and has caused them to look after their religion (Islamic Monotheism); so indeed, the right faith is foremost before (all else), and piety is first, and (the man is) the best of the folk” [Q

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