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The Noble Quran tells us about the manner in which women are treated. The Noble Quran says:

“O Prophet (Muhammad): it is not lawful for you to treat women like abasement (punishment).” (2:256) The Prophet (SAW) went out while they were weeping over one another in the midst of (her people) in anger, saying: “Why have they gone out like this? We will not put (their wives) in confinement (without giving them food and drink).” So they came back weeping one after another, and when they finished the prayer, the Prophet (SAW) took hold of them and said: “O you who believe! Take a bath and bathe yourself, and, if you are not in a state of impureity, put a piece of money for the (male) orphan.” And (his wife) Khadija used to pray while they were in their houses (sitting in the family). They asked her: “What is your intention in going out, O Khadija?” She said: “It is because of the evil you have done to us.” So he ordered them to go and they came back. (The Holy Quran is referring to) that which has been sent to you from your Lord, that He may put you in a state (of perfect faith).”

So they said: “O Prophet (Muhammad)! Our Lord! Make us into the best of you (Muslim), (we seek) Refuge with You. And if you forgive us of this evil, we too will forgive you.” He said: “O you who believe! Go; for the Hour is near. It is that night that is mentioned (in the Quran).”

The Prophet (SAW) said “O you who believe! Go!” He said: “O you who believe! Obey me in everything.”

“O you who believe! When you go away, do not put anyone to search but Allah and He alone.” (Al-Baqarah 2:228)

The Noble Quran also has another verse where the Prophet (SAW) says:” O you who believe! When you go away, do not put anyone to search but Allah and He alone.” (Al-Baqarah 2:228).

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(3) How do we know that women’s chastity must be protected?

It is important to clarify that the question of women’s chastity should not be taken so literally because

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