What makes a bad tattoo?

Let’s say that a person has only one bad tattoo, and they get a tattoo every day. The bad tattoo on their abdomen is bad because it has a very serious medical condition. The bad tattoo on their thighs will be ignored, and they’ll try to hide it. This is a dangerous choice, and as long as they don’t hide it, their body should be left alone.

How to avoid bad tattoos:

1. Avoid skin contact

I’m so guilty of it. Once upon a time, I had a nasty tattoo on my forearm, and I never had a good cover up. I went to a tattoo parlor once and talked with the owner about it. They basically told me that you don’t have to worry, it’s normal. They told me that it wasn’t a big deal and it would take me 3-weeks to heal. That didn’t stop me from worrying; I had to rush through it anyways. So you should always get a cover up instead. You’ll get over it eventually and in time you’ll be well on your way. Just make sure it’s done properly!

2. Always stay away from bad tattoos!

I’m totally guilty of this, too. Even though I have only one tattoo, it’s still a very bad tattoo! There is nothing wrong with it; the idea of it is very gross (like a penis with a snake’s tail or something). If I see it, I’ll either remove it in another 3-weeks (or give it a quick clean) or I’ll keep it. I won’t let it bother me because it’s always thereā€¦ if you see it, you need to remove it; otherwise, you have to live with it forever.

3. Don’t wear something that you aren’t ready to wear right away

This one is pretty obvious, but when you’re not ready to wear something right now, it’s a bad time to get the tattoo. Don’t wear a tank top because that will make the horrible tattoo worse. Avoid anything that will make your body awkward; a big-boned tattoo with a really long neckband is not right.

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If you’re not sure, use some pain killers before it gets worse. If your body is ready, you’ll feel a little better, and the pain will be at least less.

4. Don’t go to the emergency room

I hate being forced into an emergency room, so it’s always hard for