What religion Cannot touch dogs? – Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs

Religion does not understand dogs:

“God is love; therefore we cannot love a thing that loveth nothing”

“Love is the law”

“There’s no need to fear God”

“You are right; your faith is true”

How did the Bible come to include religion?

It’s written in the Old Testament, and it also tells us there’s no “god” or “goddess” in scripture. All we find in the Bible are the stories of Noah and Abraham (or one and the other if you prefer). The stories may have been true stories, but if there isn’t a literal divine being, what is it telling us? That we are to do everything as God allows us to, just like the animals?

The only people capable of truly understanding all these stories is God, as He is the one who really knows all things in the entire universe. The Bible may not know the details of what actually happened in the creation of the Earth, but it does tell us that God was involved. This is the very reason there is a heaven and a hell for our sins. It tells us that we are to live by God’s Word. The Bible also tells us that God is the first witness, in the Garden of Gethsemane. In other words, there were witnesses to the Flood.

The Bible does not contain a book of creation, but it actually contains “creation” – there’s a clear dividing line between the “gods” of the Old Testament and the Old Testament “gods”. The God of “gods” doesn’t have a body or a soul, but when He dies, He’s not a god, but a human. We see God as a Creator in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. His only love is to create!

The only people capable of truly understanding the Bible are the Prophets (Christians – who know God as all people do – are “gods” in the Bible too) but the Bible is also a book of lies. Every word in the Bible was invented to make it seem important to mankind, but it was written in order for man and his own desires to dominate the world and to make people into slaves for Satan and his demons. It tells people to be slaves, or else, to love their master in Jesus Christ.
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“God did not intend us to be slaves, but to serve and obey him. For this is his

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