What religion Cannot touch dogs?

Well how about all life? Well maybe not everything has the same value. If the value of an object is the value you assign to a life then the value of an object is the value you attribute to all life in this universe. So, the question at this point is… what does God value? Well, the answer is very simple, and that is LOVE.
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The first question is what value does something have? We can take that to be our definition of LOVE. If a person has the ability to love then she or he has ALL THE VALUES we have listed.

Now if you say to yourself “what value can there be to having a beautiful child?” Well if you actually say that, you will see that this answer is NO. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the value that a person gives to being a parent to that beautiful child that he or she has conceived. Can there be a value in being a parent to a beautiful child? Yes. Let’s compare a beautiful child with a beautiful person. When they are born, we can say “Well, that one is wonderful and wonderful”. Well, are they wonderful? No. Then we ask, are they valuable? Again, the answer is no.

Now, what does this mean for dogs? It means that if we love God then we are not going to tolerate people who hate religion. In fact, the very act of saying “Mormon” means you love God because you love the things that he loves. You love him because you love the gift of life and you love that which he has given you. He loves you and therefore he deserves you. It makes you a better person because you know God better.

Now, if you hate religion, then all that you think is bad about people who believe in it, are you in love with religion, or your wife? No. Why? Because, she thinks you hate her because of God and your daughter’s religion is that evil. She thinks that you hate her because she is a Mormon. You are NOT in love with the woman and in fact hate her the moment you see her. She is an idiot. A liar. A hypocrite.

What does that tell you about the Mormon/Mormon/LDS woman? She thinks that you hate her because you are a fan of their religion and that she, and those who believe in it, deserve to hate her for it. This tells you it is not about love. It’s about