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In the Bible, divorce is prohibited by God from between any man and his wife, whether married or cohabiting. It is also prohibited, according to the Bible, from between a man and his brother, or a woman and her brother, or a man and his sister, or a woman and her sister, or a man and his friend, or a woman and her daughter-in-law; and that is only to the widows who are already in bonds, but not to the divorced. It is also forbidden for a woman to divorce her husband, from whom she has a child, and it is not to the husband but to his father and mother. (Exodus 20:12-24, 25; Deuteronomy 22:7)

Can a Christian, who is not a husband, be a father to a child?

Some Christian theologians believe that a Christian husband may be a father to a child, and therefore, this relationship may be honored. But, Christian theologians have concluded, this does not necessarily mean a Christian husband can become a father to his Christian wife’s child. For example…

“There are people who are married to spouses with whom they have had sexual relations… This should be considered to be rape. It is a serious offense. And there are people who are engaged in this business as a form of prostitution, which is another offense that should be considered.” -Dr. Robert Gordon, President of the International Society for Christian Social Ethics

“Marriage vows are not legally binding unless given by a lawfully wedded man to a lawfully wedded woman – or a man and a woman who live together as husband and wife. And such a marriage may be dissolved by either party at any time. Therefore, it may, if it has not been dissolved already, be regarded as a marriage to another.” -Dr. David W. Beardslee, Professor of Biblical Ethics

“There are Christians in many places today who are not allowed to be in some positions where they are recognized by the state as husbands, fathers, or husbands of children. Some, of course, do not recognize that they are in this situation, and this situation, nevertheless, exists. And some churches continue to allow such marriages.” -Dr. David W. Beardslee, Professor of Biblical Ethics, University of Pittsburgh
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For a more detailed discussion, see:

The Church’s position on divorce

In the early church, the church fathers held that divorce was only a

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