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That’s a mystery.

Was I on drugs on the trip?


Am I still high on weed on the trip?


Is it possible for me to be high on drugs on the trip?


What kind of drugs would this mean?

Marijuana, LSD, 2C-B, 2C-E, 1C-T-1, MDMA, ecstasy, amphetamines.

Who makes most of these drugs?

The military.

What about the military?

The military has a monopoly on the illegal drug trade, and so far the federal government — for the most part — has been on their side. But there have been a few exceptions like during the Iran-contra scandal in the ’80s. During that scandal, military personnel — some of whom were CIA officers — were selling cocaine to Iran, and in a few cases the military turned over some of the cocaine to federal authorities. This is a serious problem to some in the DEA.

And is this illegal?

In theory.

Does the DEA have the authority to enforce the federal law against these types of crimes?

Of course. We don’t say we don’t. But we certainly want to crack down on the drug cartels and other organizations that are involved in these kinds of illicit activities. But since these guys are basically untouchable in their operations, it can be hard for the DEA to pursue the same kind of cases in other places. The drug agencies are also protected under so-called presidential pardons such as for the leaders of the Iran-contra conspiracies. The pardon of Nelson Rockefeller was a little controversial in the ’70s. But the reason it is so controversial now is that the drug companies have used their position in Congress to try to put some of those laws in the statute books. We know this because of drug companies like Purdue Pharma, which has an amazing list of drug companies associated with it who are able to get these kind of deals done in Congress. The companies are also powerful lobbyists. So we know there are several organizations out there that want to get this kind of a drug war going that would then become law if the president made the right decision.

Do you know of the president you’re looking for?

No, no. I’m not even on the list. But there are the ones that you’ve read about — the ones that have a big

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