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The military has a long history of tattooing. It was used by the military as a form of punishment for many years. In the 19th century, tattoos were used as a form of identification by soldiers and for punishment. The military took a much more brutal and violent approach. By and large, tattoos were the responsibility of the individual soldier, and the soldiers were expected to take great pride in their work and the tattoo is a form of social pride.

Why do people choose to have military tattoos?

After serving in the military, many troops develop a strong bond to their tattoo history. A special place is made for them in their minds that they will never get rid of. This bond may grow over time, and will likely be strengthened. Many people choose to have military tattoos for many reasons. For many it serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made, whether they were made as men or women.

I have had very little practice writing military tattoos. Is it necessary?

Not necessarily. It is not unusual for people to only learn new tattoos after many years of exposure to them in person, and therefore those who have never tattooed before may feel intimidated by military tattooing.

Why do there seem to be a lot of military tattoos on military members?

These tattooed soldiers are a common sight. Many military members have been tattooed at some point. Military tattoos are a common part of military culture and the military is trying to find a way of separating the good from the bad. It is hoped the good will keep to the ranks and the bad will go home.

What does the navy’s motto mean?

“On the whole,” the sailors say. “We’re a big group, but we stick together.”
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There is a paradox in how the modern world, with all its wealth and technology, feels to be a very old world, at least, when you arrive here

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