How do you draw a Mustang easy? – How To Draw A Hot Wheels Car Easy

You first get your head over the wheel well; then you turn the car.

You don’t want to have a Mustang in the wrong wheel well.

This guy didn’t like the layout on his car. So he found another layout that used two large fender wells, one on each side of the wheel well.

This is an amazing idea, but you must do this carefully, for safety reasons.

Here’s how this new layout might look:

1. The Mustang’s air intake is on the rear corner of the front wheel well, behind the suspension.

2. The center of gravity is above the air intake. In order to get the air flow, you must have the Mustang parked low on the gas.

3. You remove the front trunk from the car, and slide it through the rear part of the wheel well.

4. Then you move the trunk to the center of the wheel well. The trunk does not need to be in full view of the driver for this layout to work.

5. When the trunk is positioned correctly, you put the front tires on the ground and drive.

6. The trunk moves up and down the wheel well, and the car rotates through 3D space.

7. It is at this point that the entire car has been built.

8. Just remember, do not be afraid of this process. It will take just as long to build a car that has been laid out the same, but this time around a little less carefully.

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