How do you draw a tank? – How To Draw Cars For Kids Black And White Striped Rug

It’s complicated. Like every job that has to be drawn, you have to consider whether you want an action figure or an accessory or what-have you. I’ll start with the action figure because that’s usually what people want to look at. I usually have a team of ten animators and eight or ten designers. It’s funny: I know that the average price of a new action figure is about $30 to $45 which would be $500 to $750 if I was producing with regularity. We do it out of love for the toys – it’s just not something we do that often. That’s what we have going on, so the most popular items are the figures. The main thing is the packaging, or you can get other things from the box, and if we go into a really expensive setting, like a Hollywood setting, it’s more expensive.

So a really nice tank is what we draw up?

Yeah, it takes us about three different days to draw what I’m showing you. We don’t necessarily have a single scene in mind, it’s more about the elements that the character represents. If a character doesn’t have an action figure, no matter how good he is, if it’s a regular character, we don’t want it to be an action figure. We’d rather have it be an actual tank – a real, real tank – than an action figure.

What do you put in the tank?
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There’s this thing called the “shooting range”. It’s one big area, and we’ll do about 100 or so different tanks, so you’ll see different ones from different people. That’s basically where we put all the things that are going to put a target on the face of the tank – the guns, the exhaust, the gunpowder, that kind of stuff. Some of them might change over the course of the run.

For some of the first figures, like the first one I ever made from the movie, we had the “shooting range” ready, but there was actually a couple of key parts of the process that we needed to test in order to be sure that we had the right tanks. First there was the shape, so there were four shots of what they should look like, one with a real tank on it, one with a prop, and two with a mock-up. Some of them are almost a little too round in the corners of the tank, and the other side would be too big.

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