How do you draw hair? – How To Draw Cars 3 Crash Scenes

It is not easy to draw hair but once you start this, you cannot stop! I make a lot of drawings of the hair of my clients. The main thing is to take it down, keep away from the skin, keep it from twisting.

I know you always have a look for your clients while drawing their hair. Is there one thing about your work style that you consider to be the best or the most important?

I believe it is the most important. It would make a big difference if I didn’t draw it. It is not possible to make it right if I don’t draw it. You have to take care of the hair and give it a certain shape and look.

Would you ever think about making any work for your kids? Can they draw like you?

Yes they’re good at drawing. But I cannot draw for my children, because I am doing it for all of myself. My only child is 6, but he draws like me, which is great, because I am already very old.

You do have a gallery in Berlin called “Dorothy” and every time I see it, I have to take a picture of you at least once. Why do you always invite me to take pictures of you at your studio at the exhibition?

Actually, they make the pictures for me. That is, it is not me who draws them… It was a man who brought me the book I like, which is very small… It is about my life, from a very early age.

Is the book still in your possession?

Yes it is, it is in the book of my mother so she will never forget this book. She bought it, she will never forget this book or the pictures of her life.

If I buy the book and I put it on the walls, will it ever disappear?

Yes it will. It was a book that I put on the walls of my apartment…

What can I expect from the gallery exhibitions you put together?

My projects are very difficult to make happen. And in this way I will be able to show my work, because I will never have an exhibition without my paintings.

Is there anything specific you want to put on this year?

Yes definitely! We will put a picture of my paintings on the wall of every exhibition, even more for the Berlin Biennale. It is a show of my paintings at its best, which is really

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