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Or do I?

When I am with my sister in the bar at the end of our lunch break she tells me the story she heard the morning after a long day at the gym and how we had to try to decide between a pair of flapped or flamboyant knickers in order to keep our hands warm.

She explains that the reason flapping ones are not as fashionable as the other, is because flappers wear gloves. Because, as an aside, you know that if you do not put gloves on when you are working out, your hands will stay sweaty. I thought that was very true to the point that on a cold autumn afternoon my bare palms were covered in frost. I had a hard time understanding the reasoning behind gloves.

One night while at home I have an argument with my mother about whether I should get a girlfriend. When I ask her why she thinks we should have a girlfriend she tells me all about the flapper and her desire to wear a pair of knickers (not a pair of trousers, but a pair of knickers) with a pair of gloves on. So I try to explain why I think we should have a girlfriend, not why I don’t get a girlfriend. I also ask her why the woman who is making the suggestion is a flapper, but she doesn’t answer. I do not make an impression. So, I leave the house.

One summer evening I am having a drink of gin and tonic at a bar. The bartender looks at me as I go in and asks me if I like his gin. When I tell him I do I ask him if it has been in the bar for two weeks. He says it has. I ask him what about it? He says that when a woman is flaunting her sexuality in a public space, her breasts become visible, and it makes the pub seem a little more dangerous. He also tells me that there are a lot more women who have short hair, or are wearing miniskirts, than there are who have long hair, or even short hair.

So, it isn’t the size of the breasts that I think matters, but what is beneath the breast.

Then one day I get involved with a woman. There might have been a time when I thought it was wrong for that woman to be seeing me and it would never occur to me that such a connection could be made between two people.

And so, that night I do something with her I would never

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