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The short hair and medium to long hair of both sexes is different. Short hair is characterized by high tension and can be easily worn away for many years. Long hair is somewhat like long hair in a sense that it will naturally fade out and lose tension or the opposite, tension will be gained back. However, both styles of short hair can be worn up for years, even if the hair does not lose tension like short hair.

Both short and long hairs have the same amount of tension. The higher the tension of the hair the longer it will naturally fade out and lose tension. However, the lower the tension the more it will be worn away like short hair. The difference in tension is primarily due to the structure of the hair and the style of wear. The lower the amount of tension the longer the style of hair can be worn (although this may be shorter than medium and long hair).

The other factor is the type and shape of the hair. Long hair and medium to short hair styles differ primarily in the texture, number of points that define the style, and amount of length of the hair. Additionally, as we’ve talked about before there are hair coloring. Different hair colors give hair more or less tension and are known to also vary in length and thickness. In general, the longer the hair the more it can be worn away (usually by about 2/3 or 5/8 of the natural length) and the more it would need to be worn back through a minimum of 6 or 8 months. There is a small margin available (about 1/16th of the length or less) for medium to short hair (although these differences may be minimal).

To learn about hairstyles for all of the different length and type of hair, read on.

How can I tell the differences between shorter and long hair?

The short hair or medium to long hair lengths (also called medium length, medium to long, intermediate and long hairstyles) are fairly well defined with a flat top, a long natural hairstyle, and moderate or long hair, depending on the style. The longer styles are defined by a short vertical straight haircut that ends with a high-volume or pointed ponytail, a very high cut, and a straight or very thin bangs style. Depending on the color it may have a slight blue tint or red tint. A few styles (such as full or bob or low cut, or very short or very full) may be very fine hairs of medium to long length or

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