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This was the one worn by Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Monroe,” when she walked in a restaurant without her gloves. Today a flapper’s dress has a long jacket and is worn with a skirt at the bottom.


Missouri and the western part of what is now the western U.S. had a long association with flappers. They also had a tradition of wearing tails.

The Missourian article about the flapper “The Flapper Dress” on page 13, says “The flapper dress comes from an old Native American practice of changing their clothing when they are going somewhere, and there may be strings tied back to the clothing at the waist. They used to wear that dress up to the waist all the way around their waist. Then at the waist they would tie a string at the end of the dress so the tail could hang down. The original flapper dress could have been a double length, or it could have just a waistline, and then when the tails were tied they would go up the front of the dress.”

Flapper dresses were often decorated with feathers with an arrow at the top of the feather to represent the bow. The feathers in some of the flapper dresses have had feathers inserted through holes.
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In Missouri and the western part of what is now the western U.S., most flappers wore tails.

The first recorded mention of Mississippi flappers in connection with the Missourian article “Missouri and the West,” comes from the October 7, 1886 edition.

“Missouri and the West,” the Missourian said in an article that was printed in every issue of the local newspaper, contains the following reference to flapper dresses:

“Mississippi flapper dresses, like the European fashions, were known all over this part of the country and all through the world in the days of the flappers and their flappers. If you go out here now and there you will see many flappers from Illinois, Illinois and Illinois and Illinois counties. There is nothing in the Missourian to suggest their origin, but in our opinion they were probably imported from Italy. They wear their tails down to the top of their shoulders. Many of these were pretty large. It is said, too, that a flapper who never married gave birth to a very handsome kid by her choice.”

The October 7, 1886 article also noted a “Miss

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