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Does it mean just a young kid? Does it mean a little boy? A little girl? A child in between, like a baby? A kid born out of wedlock? A young man who’s married to a child when he doesn’t really love her? Do you think he thinks a human being is a bob? Do you think you can tell me?

Is that a bob?

Did someone at Pixar try to explain to me what “Bob” is, so that one day I might understand? Maybe I shouldn’t be so afraid?

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After years of delays, a planned construction of a massive high-end resort hotel in China’s central-city of Xiamen has finally been completed. The five-star Loyang City is a four-star luxury hotel on the beachside and is designed to have over 600 guestrooms and 30 suites in it. The hotel is planned in an area that can accommodate up to 11,000 visitors per day.

According to the local Daily Mail, construction on the hotel started in December 2008, then went under the knife last September in a total of seven months. It was originally planned to open in 2009, but was delayed again by a number of technical problems, especially with the building work. After the last one delay and a major setback during the planning stage last year, the construction on the hotel finally began early this year. Construction work has now kicked off, with work to begin in April with a full operation expected to start early next year.

Located on the beachfront location, the two-star hotel is located on the western shore and will be built on a 1,600 square kilometer site. It is situated about two kilometers away from a shopping mall and the nearby Xiamen Airport. The hotel will have a total of over 500 guestrooms as well as 30 suites to accommodate up to 11,000 visitors per day.

The construction of the hotel will start around April this year with work to finish in May this year. The entire hotel construction will take around 4 years.

According to the Daily Mail, more guests are expected to stay at the luxury hotel as more than one million tourists will visit during its first five years of operation.

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