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If you have never seen horse racing, let me tell you: It’s spectacular. A lot of those guys are professionals, running at over 100 miles per hour, going over 100 yards on the track, not falling down when their horse gets knocked down or a big horse hits them.

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You’re probably wondering how they do that. If you have ever been up close to the track and watched, you’ll see how it works. Each turn comes down, and the horse makes one 180 degree turn. When he reaches the last corner that’s where he hits the last turn and goes over the finish line.

How do you get good at the racetrack?

That’s where the training comes in. It’s like being an athlete as a whole. You know all your angles, all your tendencies, and you know what to anticipate in that part of the lane.

As a racer, what is your number one secret?

Just knowing that there’s a lot of people better than you out there. There are so many talented guys that are better than you and there will definitely be someone else ahead of you later on. It’s a competitive sport, but at the same time it’s about teamwork. I don’t have a magic number of how many points you get or how fast you get but just knowing that there’s more people out there you can compete with. Because you’re never going to get out here with the same intensity and focus and focus that guys with a thousand cars in the bank don’t spend hours on.

Is that what it means to be a NASCAR racer?

It’s something you can never truly get used to, but you know it and if you give yourselves that mindset it’s easy to take it for granted and let the other teams pass you.

What’s your first racing memory?

When I was small, I always had a small car race and I was just happy if I won. When my family moved to Florida I took the car to school and won and then my brother won and he had a racecar too so you know my racing memory came very late. But when I turned 16, my cousin and I beat a lot of other folks out of a few hundred races so we were really good friends for about an hour and a half.

What’s yours?

My bike. I grew up not having a bike on me but when I was little I always had my bike. My only bike was my moped.

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