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That’s pretty simple, really. A lot of it comes down to fundamentals of the position, like knowing the defensive principles required of him, the way the ball is played on the court and the proper angles to play in each situation. You can teach that by watching other people, of course. But you can also do it by yourself—you can watch video of other players, how they handle the basketball and how they play together to figure out what the best play is, with the ball in your hands.

When you watch the NBA, all you see are big, physical dudes—the same type of player who, when he’s on offense, wants to go to the rim hard so he can hit a 3 off the dribble. But it’s rare to find a small but effective athlete who can go off the dribble and penetrate effectively from his spot.

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The best big men I’ve ever coached—I’ve been in the NBA for more than 20 years now—are almost all the same size at 6-11. I’ve played with 10 different types of athletic bigs, so I can tell you there’s not a single game where I’ve seen a 6-11, 6-10 player who wasn’t a physical and efficient distributor all night long. If one doesn’t have a great feel for the game and knows how to read when the offense works or when it doesn’t, they’re not going to be very good in this league. But you need to have the ability, the desire and the knowledge to do that. What you don’t want to have is a really big body who’s really good at it.

The other key skill in basketball is your quickness. You can’t go by the way a guy shoots and have it go from behind, because that’s going to give you a lot of trouble. You don’t want someone who stands around and watches the ball and can’t move, which is what we call “leaky dribble”. So if that player gets in your way, you’ve got to keep them off-balance. If the ball is coming back around to his hand, he’s going to shoot it. But he doesn’t have to.

It’s as simple as that. A guy who can get the ball around and shoot it—and can make the play, too—is going to have a very high basketball IQ. That’s what will be most important when you’re coaching

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