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Shortness of breath is not something you want to go into every day so you’ll want to sleep it out as much as you can before going to bed. Here’s how sleep and sleep recovery is measured in bed:

2–4 hours in a 10-minute nap (nap after 5pm)

10 minutes of deep bed rest (nap after 11pm)

1–2 hours of deep bed rest in your own bed (nap between 1100-00 and 1500-05)
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If you want to sleep as much as possible, try to use as much time as possible in deep bed rest.

How long should I consume naps when I’m tired?

Naps can be used up when there’s no stress or tension with a relaxed body. You could even consider taking longer naps during the day (like an hour) to allow you to fully take your time.

What about morning naps before going to sleep?

It can be difficult to sleep when you don’t feel sleepy. You’ll need to get a little sleep at your normal waking time so you’re not in the morning without naps. If you have to nap early, you’ll need to start it earlier in the day.

What about evening naps after I’ve gone to sleep?

At your normal waking time, you’ll have much more sleep at night. However, evening naps will be much shorter and your body will be so much rested that you won’t be able to sleep for long.

What should I prepare before going to sleep?

You should drink plenty of water and eat some vegetables to make sure your body gets enough food. If you go to bed feeling tired after drinking lots of water, just throw it away right away as it will have no energy to get you back to your normal sleeping levels. And eat lots of fruit and vegetables to make sure your body’s fat stores aren’t depleted too.

What is stress?

There are many different types of stress that may occur:

Working too hard – we may do work that we don’t want to do and we may be overworked.

– we may do work that we don’t want to do and we may be overworked. Not getting enough sleep – we feel tired all the time. The best way to stay focused is to use less sleep and get more sleep.

– we feel tired all the time. The best way to

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