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What about playing in a football game?

In this video, it seems as if you could dunk just about anywhere, including the back of your head.

There is also a fun spin move involving your foot which makes for some fun times with the other team.

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The European Parliament’s Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection has just voted to open-source the EU law for free-market competition in telecom. In essence this means that all telecom operators will have to make their internal policies available for download on a website or via a computer system available to anybody. But there’s a catch: they are not expected to charge an equivalent price. They must simply sell the same level of service at the same price (in other words, just like a supermarket chain), on the same basic terms without counting the costs of their “internal” tariff.

The proposed reforms must now be voted on by the Parliament in order to become law. If they are approved this will also mean that, in future, any European telecom operator could open up for competition, no matter how profitable or under-capitalized, just as their American counterparts did. The proposed laws also mean that the EU regulators will have to be more transparent in their assessments of any telecom operator, to allow scrutiny by anyone who wishes to know what it charges.

The European Commission is currently studying the matter and could easily change its mind as some Member States are already opposing the new system. And some telecoms advocates are trying to put pressure on the Parliament to approve the law on the advice of their American counterparts.

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The law’s supporters say that an open-source approach means that any new telecom rules cannot be based on an industry-specific business idea.

“We need to have a clear framework that allows people to see what the cost of providing a service is,” says Jean-Marie Cavada, vice-president of the mobile communications trade association, Association des Proprietaires du Navigation Telecom et de la Développement, that represents mobile operators and network operators in Europe. “An open-source approach allows the EU to develop a common strategy to ensure a stable competition in the area of telecom and telecommunications with a view to providing more consumers more choice.”

The law is due to be passed at a European Parliament vote and then go through the

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