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This is the most recent of several attempts to create a comprehensive global topography map. The concept is to provide a global map of topographic features such as mountains, waterways and rivers, which are based on satellite imagery. Some are more accurate than others, some are more complete than others, and most are a mix. The map uses three main types of topographic maps: (1) a simplified “map of the sea,” (2) a more detailed map of the land, and (3) a topo map of every known location from which satellite data were taken. Since the first map was designed, the technique has grown so that a variety of different maps could be shown if enough imagery is available. All such maps are based on what’s known as the “geohazards”, which are areas of unknown or unknown depth. There are currently over a million active active geohazard alerts around the globe, and some can take as long as a year for a company to locate and map. But that may be to late for your application.

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is another map technique the U.S. Navy uses to monitor the seafloor. GPS has two functions which are equally important: (1) it can help guide ships and planes, and (2) it can provide a general location for navigation. The only problem with GPS is that it is sensitive to how it is used. It can be hacked, and is often used to target individual users for surveillance and espionage. For example:

A Russian spy ship has been using GPS coordinates to track a submarine it targeted. GPS is also being used at a cellular base station which is being used by the CIA to track cell phones around the world.

A GPS “bug” was installed on a military F-18 Fighter jet. It automatically scanned for the presence of F-18 Hornet and its radar. (It was replaced after this test but is still used to spy on air defense systems.)

A GPS signal was installed on a computer printer attached to a military F-16 fighter. It was located near a military F-16 and used to track the target.

And more.

In spite of this, the U.S. Navy is very serious about maintaining its accuracy and reliability. It has used two different systems to determine GPS accuracy (one is very accurate, and another is a much closer, but still inaccurate substitute for a GPS beacon. If a ship is attacked by fighters using a

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