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A layup is a jumpball from behind the line of scrimmage that is passed between the two defensemen without contact. The layup is a pass, as a way of setting up the free throw.

When was the last time you saw a layup?

I actually don’t think there was a layup in one of my last basketball seasons. Back when the NBA was really in existence, we had a pretty good team. There was a player like Clyde Drexler who hit a layup a lot.

What are some tips for a basketball player?

A lot of people tell you you have to have great ball skills, but to be a good player you have to have a great game plan, especially when you’re facing a lot of really good players.

The best way to play basketball, I guess, is to be the person who goes to practice every day, has your teammates and coach around with you, and is a leader on the court. Those are the most important things.

What is the most important thing for a basketball player?

The biggest thing for a good basketball player in today’s era — besides the ability to score or protect the rim, and being able to protect the ball and score — is to have the patience where you take good shots and make sure that you’re not going to make one too many, because if you do, the team loses.

How does a player prepare mentally for a NBA game?

Just because you know how to win a game in basketball doesn’t mean that you need to win a game all of the time by yourself, which the guy who played baseball for a long time has to do.

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The other thing about basketball is you have to work up to every game. You have to play as long as you can so that by the time you get into these games, you are in peak physical condition and you can play with as good of a team as possible.

I believe if you do that, you can play well for a long stretch of time.

And then on the other hand, you have to be really conscious of what you can or can’t help your team to beat. You have to help your team, and help your teammates play better game-to-game, and get more open shots.

If you don’t do that, then you’re going to be bad on the court for a long, long period of time. There have been great coaches since

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