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A patent-related bet (often abbreviated patent or pat­ent) is bet on a possible invention that has yet to appear. A patent-related bet is often used in business to evaluate potential investments in the technology. Although patents exist in many different fields, their application is often made possible by the patent system. These bets are sometimes referred to as “patent strategies”. This article covers various patent-related bets that you can enter in your stock market trading. For more information on the history and nature of patent and patent-related bets, please go to: Patent betting strategies.

A long-simmering question about how the internet can benefit people with mental illness – and whether or not it can be useful for them to interact, or even to be in touch – is finally at last answered. A new study from the University of Oxford, recently published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, finds that a vast majority of people are comfortable sharing information about their mental health via blogs. The findings of the study, however, point to many unanswered questions regarding how to best apply blogs to helping and supporting people with mental illness.

One of the key insights derived from the Oxford study was that “most people know they have mental illness but it’s usually not seen in the same way or discussed as often as it could be. This study confirms people’s sense that they have a mental health problem rather than a medical problem and shows that we need to address this as a community.”

The researchers surveyed over 1000 people in order to collect data about how many people have ever been diagnosed with and had been treated for major depression, or depression as an illness, whether or not they were currently seeking mental health treatment, whether or not they have had a mental health patient specialist visit within the last 12 months, whether or not they have had any personal conversation with their doctor, any family member, and whether or not they would like to see their doctor and specialist if they were diagnosed with depression. Additionally, they surveyed how they felt regarding their mental health, whether they would be concerned about what their doctor might do if they were diagnosed with depression, and they were asked when, if ever, they would see their doctor for professional help.
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A similar research program using the same methodology was conducted in London a few years ago, and when the research finished in 2013 “there was no significant change in depression rates compared to a decade before.”

The Oxford researchers focused solely on people between 18 and 35, based on previous studies in which this age

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