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Yes. The horse is a very efficient engine of energy transfer (by weight). The same mass of tissue on a horse as in a person is equivalent to about 6,000 times the power of the human equivalent. Weighing a horse using the same weight would give it 1,000 times as much energy, and would also require a much more energy intensive exercise.

The same is true of other creatures who require power. Many animals have the ability to propel themselves forward by producing energy in their blood. This produces more than twice as much energy per unit of weight than any alternative known to science.

Why do horses have horns?

Horses have been domesticated for almost 5,000 years. While their genetic makeup and behavioral adaptation to their environment make them ideally suited for agricultural environments, the fact that they are also extremely fast and agile (and to some extent, strong) made them ideal for harness racing, horse training and breeding.

The only difference between a domestic goat or a domesticated horse is in size and temperament. In horses the horns are a secondary adaptation. They are meant to protect the animal from other creatures. To have the horns would be physically harmful to the animal. As for their physiological structure:

• The large size of their jaws allows the horses to chew their food with a remarkable efficiency.

• The size of their lungs and their body shape allows the horses to extract oxygen at high pressure with remarkable accuracy.

• The larger surface area of the horse makes the horse less prone to developing respiratory infections (and thus more likely to survive).

The horses’ physiology combined with their extreme agility has enabled them to conquer the toughest conditions imaginable.

Suspended FBI Director Robert Mueller, center, arrives at the Capitol for questioning in his office on June 18, 2017. (Photo: John Bazemore-Pool/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday denied President Trump suggested he was under investigation for his role in the Comey firing and called his “statement a total fabrication” made on Twitter.

During an MSNBC appearance on Monday, Sessions denied Trump’s tweet in which the president suggested he was part of a “cloud” over the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, including possible coordination with the Trump campaign. In the tweet, Trump suggested he was the subject of a “witch hunt.”

Sessions said he “had no knowledge of whatsoever that the president had said that” and said it was “totally

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