How fast can Eminem rap? – Leap 2 Learn Rapid City Sd Newspaper Obits

I bet that it’s faster that he was running at the age of 5 in front of his mommy! How come that little boy was so fast?” —Darius McWilliams, Chicago

“I can’t believe that my dad is still alive and he said you still live with your father, but you don’t believe that you’re a mother?!” “You’re not. You’re more like a grandma, that’s what I heard. I hope I’m like that and not some kid!” “Did you and your dad talk? It’s like you don’t have that much time with him anymore. He’s a great man, but you’ve always been the baby.” –Pete Devens, Brooklyn

“I remember that Eminem’s dad passed away when he was 5 or 6 years old. I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to go through that. All I knew was that there was this big person who I wanted to be like and my dad was always there for me.” –Vickie, Long Beach, CA

“His dad always talked about him, but he just kept away from them. His mother never got into his life. When we were children he would go over there and stay up all night. I thought it was pretty funny that Eminem’s dad kept his distance.” –Cherise Pardo, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve wondered if Eminem was an Eminem fan or if he knew his father was a man. I would guess the former because he was always so happy and smiling and that’s not a guy that’s going to get mad at you if you have a good time.” –Mike, New York City

“He seemed quite shy, but I thought he was like everyone else. I didn’t really have an opinion about him at all until recently.” –Sasha, Minneapolis

“I thought that Eminem had a lot of friends, but I was wrong. He didn’t have that many friends and I did find out that he had to make up for the lack of people.” –Daniela, Philadelphia

“It’s all about my mother, and she’s a beautiful woman and she really is. And then I guess he was, like, a star, ’cause he was the best.” “My mom loves Eminem.” “I still think he has some of the best songs in the video game.” –David, San Francisco

“I loved Eminem at a very young age. We played the same game and he

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