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How many bars are in every song?

How many bars are in the entire album of The Beatles?

Do the number of bars on a hip hop song matter?

This month’s guest is a man called Jason.

For more than four years he has released his own hip hop hip hop music for free. He doesn’t make a lot of money making his music available online, so he wants to make it easier for all of us to discover the music he makes.

He’s created a little app that automatically generates a song based on what your device is doing.

You can download it right here.

Here’s some of his music.

A CHEAP RIDE - Taxi & Airport Transportation - .AREA ...
HipHopHipHop – “My Friends”

HipHopHipHop – “Yesssss”

HipHopHipHop – “You Need”

HipHopHipHop – “Shouts”

HipHopHipHop – “Pussy Grab (feat. Lil Yachty)”

HipHopHipHop – “Dump That”

HipHopHipHop – “Bummers”

HipHopHipHop – “Pimp Cuff”

HipHopHipHop – “I’m Good”

HipHopHipHop – “My Girlfriend”

Do you know how many bars are in the entire list of “Dump that”?

I don’t. Here’s one:


That is more than 4,000.

I didn’t even know that these things existed until I heard Jason, but even I’ve been amazed by him on this project and can imagine him doing another one, like this.

We had a lot of conversation about how artists such as Kevin Gates and Nicky Romero used a similar method over at The Raps.

Jason’s new song “Pussy Grab” is a great example of this method of generating content.

The lyrics are great, it has a strong hip hop vibe to it and Jason has a strong voice for the instrumentation. I didn’t really know much about hip hop at the time he wrote it, but he did a good job of taking songs like “I’m Gonna Go Crazy” and “Bummers” and making them about the same topic but with his own style and making it sound as unique as his voice.

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