What are 4 bars in rap? – Learn Rapier

Four bars in rap is just slang about four years. 4 bars in rap was about four years.

But why four?

Four Years, Four Bars.

I’m telling you it was about four years ago when my friend Jay said to me, “Do you know the reason that 4 bars in rap isn’t being as popular as it used to be?” I told him, “No, but I’m telling you a secret – It’s because of the fact that every time I do a song that has a four year number, the first two bars become the second two bars, and the final two bars become the third two bars to make it 4-bar.” If you go to this blog, you’ll notice me talking about it and it’s always the four-bar numbers that get me excited. A lot of people think I’m trying to make them pay attention to the next song I come out with, but no, I’m not trying to make them think, “Hey, the next song is going to be called ‘four years, four bars,’ or whatever it is.”

You were born in 1976, right?

Yeah, my birthday falls on the 3rd of the 4th month of the year.

That’s pretty big.

Yeah. That just meant that my friends and school friends were going to tell me all these funny stories about how they got to that place, so I did too.

So you were born in 1976.
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We called it the time of the four year, four bars. That was the way we talked about it.

But you said that your four year, four bars days, was about four years ago. So what are four years, 4 bars in rap? I remember a song that I read last year called “Four Bars in the Ghetto”. The artist said in the song he was going to get some money, and he was going to do what was going to put him over the top, or put him over the edge. So he was going to do drugs, and he was going to do all the things that you hear about being too cool for his time. So what is it like to actually be out there in hip-hop today?

To be honest with you, it feels good to be out doing what I want to do. I wanted to be a rapper, and my friends and people in the street were saying I should be a rapper, and my whole life I just tried to be different

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