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What are 4 bars in hip hop? How do i write 4 bars?

As I posted earlier (this post) , 4 bars is a common way of describing a beat for a hip hop or trap song. As with many other sub genres or styles, if two styles of music are both known to exist, and are being called “rap” or “hip hop”, then there is a distinct difference in the way the sound is represented. As you may have seen on some of the many pages of internet sites (and on the blog of some talented and well known artists), hip hop has a variety of sounds and sounds are usually represented as 4 bars. This could also be seen in some of the most well known songs on the internet such as Biggie and Nas – their songs had a “rap” beat but they were also known for their hip hop style.

There is a huge range of sounds and styles for hip hop. Some styles are very straightforward; the beats are “stiff” or “sharp” or the beats are very repetitive. Not all beats or styles will have multiple or multiple parts. It is a common trend in hip hop in the late 1990s and early 2000s to try and combine a large number of different sounds and styles for each verse or chorus, or each verse on a single track. This can be seen on many of hip hop’s major singles.

One of the more interesting sound changes for hip hop and trap music in general happened between 2005 and 2008 or so. Some hip hop producers starting incorporating more different sounds and styles into their albums. There was a major shift in sound for hip hop and trap music. I will try and explain why this happens in more detail but first a big disclaimer to all the artists and bloggers who use a lot of info in their posts in order to spread knowledge – the information can be of no use to you. I do not pretend to be a hip hop expert nor am I a professional DJ. All I hope to do is clarify something that could already be difficult to comprehend because of the number of terms and names that make up hip hop in general. So take it with a grain of salt and look at the information for yourself.

To simplify further and explain the above:

All samples should contain a sample rate of 44.1k.

The duration of the first 2-3 bars should be the same as the duration of the 2nd and 3rd


The duration for the first 5-10 bars should match

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