What are the easiest words to rhyme with? – Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap Vhs Alex

Let’s take this simple question: “I go to a party”. The top 30 words are:

Party (13):

Lounge, Lounge, Lounge, Party, Lounge, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party

Party (11):

Bingo, Bingo, Bingo, Party, Party, Bingo, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party

Bingo (7):

Bingo, Bingo, Party, Party, Party, Bingo

Party (5):

Party, Party, Bingo

Bingo (5):

Bingo, Party

Party (4):

Party, Bingo, Party, Party, Bingo

Bingo (4):


Party (3):

Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party

Bingo (3):


Party (2):

Party, Bingo

You’d think the answer to this question would be obvious: Party, but it’s actually not that simple.

For each of the answers, the top 10 best words are:

Party: Bingo, Party, Party, Bingo, Bingo, Party, Bingo, Party, Party, Party

Bingo: Party, Party, Bingo, Bingo, Bingo, Bingo, Party, Bingo, Party, Party, Bingo

Party: Party, Party, Bingo, Party, Bingo, Bingo, Party, Party

Party, Bingo: Party

Bingo: Bingo

To answer, all of the words have to have some degree of similarity between them. This is a task which can be very complex to predict because they have so many different meanings.

Take a look at the dictionary definition of Party.

“Someone who goes to a party with his friends.”

If it’s hard to tell from those two words, the definition of Party could be defined as a “socializing party”.

This could possibly be the easiest definition of Party because it already gives us an easy word to start with to get us to get more familiar with the word. But the other two words give only slightly different definitions, and that’s the definition of Party which is: “A socializing party”.

What the word Bingo means could be defined as “a party

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