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RAP: Rap is an acronym for Random Alcohol Effect. This is a shorthand reference to the way that most of us deal with alcohol. We call it a “rap” drink. To a large degree, rappers are also alcoholics. As part of the “Rap” culture, you can drink alcohol and still use rap like a band instrument. In some ways, we are even more alcoholic than most people, and therefore this label still seems ridiculous to many “rap” listeners. We also enjoy going off on all the “rap” people who think every rapper is a drinking alcoholic, and we often get a lot of hate on our Facebook page.

Do you think that people have become “rap artists” because they are just drinking more alcohol? Or perhaps not drinking so much, but using the culture of rap to justify their own use of the drink?

I really don’t think that “rap” culture has become a “rap” culture like that, at least not entirely. It is very much a “rap” culture. In fact, it seems to attract some people who are addicted to alcohol, or who have a substance abuse problem. So, it is not only those who drink a lot, but the same people as the majority of rap artists are also the ones who drink heavily. But, I do not consider that to be necessarily a problem because of the success of the music we all listen to – rather, it is our culture. We are all fans of music, and it is almost a guarantee that someone who is part of this culture will also consume alcohol, or have a substance abuse problem. If you are an artist then you are most likely an addict, or at least heavily addicted to alcohol, and the “rap” people will probably also be. When you compare this to an alcoholic or drug-addicted rapper, it can seem like the culture is fine (because people like that don’t really exist, don’t you think?). But it’s not, especially for those who do get into such situations, which is why “rap” people will often try to hide this from the public. This includes “rap” music fans. In reality, people addicted to drugs and alcohol are more likely to use “rap” music or rap for that matter, and also are more likely to go to nightclubs with people who also use drugs and alcohol. There is also some correlation between “rap” people and the use of illegal substances such as heroin and crack cocaine.

Are there similarities between the

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