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The answer might surprise you.

This year, it is the turn of a pair of young women from New South Wales. They have been named in a recent research paper in which they were awarded $10,000.

The study involved asking the participants to perform an online song-and-dance with an audience, where each of the participants chose a genre of music to play (e.g., Hip-Hop or Country or Pop Rock) and either a single, chorus track from a group album they own, or one of three different categories of singles (e.g., Hip-Hop, Pop Rock and Jazz/Rock).

The researchers recorded the participants at various points during the song-and-dance, with the recordings later examined by the researchers to identify whether the songs could be categorized as having a particular genre.

The two young women who participated in the study are the first ever to have been awarded this much money for such a simple task.

In the study, the researchers found that when the researchers asked the participants to sing together, they could categorize the songs into categories. The researchers concluded that their training in this technique has not only increased the musical quality of their performances, but has also helped them in general “recognition of the meaning and meaning of music”.

The young women were also more sensitive to the meaning of those words they sang. For example, when they were asked to sing a song about a girl they knew, they were able to sing “I was just wondering what you think is up with you and your little heart in it’s little chest, and to make her sad,” a line that clearly indicates that the song’s lyrics include a reference to her suffering.

Although many people will be familiar with this technique of singing together, it is rare to have young people from any area, ethnic group and nation perform such a task.

This is not the first report of a “talent” winning such a sum of money. In 2006, the Australian Institute of Sport won the $10 million prize for being “a team in a sport that is unique for Australian participants”.

While the exact amount awarded in 2006 was unclear, some media articles have suggested that an earlier award of $8,000 was awarded in 1996 to a group of girls, all aged between 13 and 15, who trained each other to play various instruments. Their aim was to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer in a program which will hopefully raise funds in the future.

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