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I do this because I enjoy the challenge, but the learning and singing comes second to the joy of being able to make music and play.

Where did you work before you got into music? What was the first thing people told you when you first started to perform?

In school I listened, followed the musicals, but the first person I heard about and listened to was Paul Anka as a composer for Broadway shows he had made in the 70s and 80s. I was just a kid and he was awesome. There were a lot of other composers in the 70s and 80s — like Tony Bennett, James Horner, Richard Rodgers but Paul Anka was by far the most well-known.

As a teen, did you want to be a musician or was it more about your interest in drawing?

I grew up in Texas and I was an art fan. I loved drawing, I loved comics and I was very artistic in my childhood. Before the age of 5 I drew all sorts of stuff and there was an art class in my school. My mother was my first teacher — we worked together. She would teach me how to draw characters and then we would go and work on paper on my own time. I would draw all kinds of fun stuff and I loved it!

What is your biggest art project you have undertaken since starting out? What makes the whole process of a composition so special?

I would not say my biggest art project was music. It was a pretty small role, but I got to play with so many different kinds of instruments on it, and I was able to get a lot of enjoyment out of the process and it was such a joy.

What other places can you draw inspiration from? How have you explored other creative pursuits?

I love making sketches and art and then taking the sketches and combining them with music and that’s how I approach it, a lot of improvisation. I love making things that I cannot make, I love making new stuff. I love the process of building a piece out of simple things. It’s about finding ways that you can make something out of things that are really basic and simple.

Which pieces in your repertoire have stood out as you look back over them?

It’s funny. It’s like I am really finding things I haven’t been able to draw before, not just in my own paintings, but in my work. But I am so much better at painting them because the way

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