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When I am able to find new songs that have no harmonic content I will include them as long as I’m able to play them correctly. The original score was a score written for a very early orchestral orchestra, and this score was used as a guideline for what a symphony orchestra should sound like. The original score was quite different from the one that has been written, so in that sense, some of the songs I chose are quite different in tone and composition, but they share one important characteristic, the same melody.

The song “Nosferatu” has a very classical sounding melody. I wanted to create music with this melody, so that it sounds almost like a film score. I used two different violins in this piece, one which is very old and has a classical sound and one which is new and has a modern sound. This is one of those instances where you’re creating a new work that’s completely different to the work before. Sometimes you can use techniques such as the slow play that were used in the original score. It’s a little bit more difficult than using the melody, but it really helps to make the music sound very rich and fresh.

I often go through different styles of music before I write a piece and I use things I’ve heard in the past to get started. “Beethoven and Chopin” is something I’ve done in the past before. Sometimes you can work on different techniques and you can come up with something that is not entirely new, but is a new piece. In some ways, it’s a bit strange because you learn a lot from your previous experiences and some of those things become habits that you can’t unlearn. But sometimes I find a way to combine new techniques with old ones, and that’s what I feel like doing. Sometimes it’s really difficult to come to terms with how the old ideas have changed, but sometimes it’s like finding a little piece of lost magic that’s very similar to a piece of new music that you just stumbled upon. I also find that it’s difficult to create something that is completely new, in that sense. It always depends on the musical situation, but sometimes you can create a lot from an old piece that is quite different.

That’s something you try to maintain, the challenge of mixing between different eras of writing.

Yes. I think that’s part of the process. What is really useful for me is to have new things to learn from, so that everything that I do is fresh.

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