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Well, a gentleman in the style of an alto. The tone, the speech, the manner of speech of a gentleman is like that of an alto.

How have you used a musical phrase in a poem?

A line for a word. It is an art to have a line and a word which are quite similar, but yet are not at all one or the other. A line which might be said in one language and sung in another, is not in fact in the same language. It is to find out a way, not to be in the right place at the right moment. Thus, in ‘The Pigeon,’ we have a word, quite close to us: ‘Pigeon.’ But it is not the same word as ‘pigeon.’ The word, though it is the same, must be put in a different manner. The phrase ‘The Pigeon’ is a word of many meanings. The reader will find that when we use the word in a poem the meaning which we want to express is conveyed in the lines at the head of each line, and in the words which the writer utters in the course of these lines. Therefore, in the poem, the poet uses a phrase which is not exactly the same as the one the poet wants to express.

Why do you say to the lover as you sing the words of the lines on the page,

“Be careful.”

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Why say, instead, “Go with care?”

Because this puts on our side, in a way, the thought which we want to emphasize, when we use ‘care.’

How may readers take what the poet is saying if he is speaking of the past and present, as is often done?

The only time when we use the past and present as we do is in our reciting of the sacred hymns. Whenever you are reading the sacred hymns, always take, according to what the poet has spoken, the line of the song which you recite at the moment when the poem begins. It matters little who the poet is who says something. It matters very little that the poet’s phraseology is of the same style as that which you are thinking of when you say to somebody, “You have made me uneasy.” The only thing you do is to recite, in the moment when the poem begins, words such as, “Be careful,” “Go with care,” “We all like care,” “The past was not

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