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This story was originally published by the Huffington Post.

The first female U.S. president might be out of the woods, but the Republican establishment is still taking a victory lap after she crushed Hillary Clinton in New Jersey on Tuesday.

Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) called on the new Republican “team of champions” on Wednesday to stay the course as it battles “a political revolution” in an op-ed for The Huffington Post.

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“The future belongs to the new team of champions — the Republican Party,” Collins wrote. “We are a conservative party with a mission to recapture power at the national level by energizing and energizing new voters. We are the party of ideas whose message is simple and compelling.”

“And if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, it will serve as a wake-up call to progressives that no Democrat can take that mantle without the support of a strong party,” he continued. “What the GOP has done with Trump has undermined our base for decades. It’s time to do it again.”

Collins joined a chorus of Trump critics who also urged the GOP to stay the course after Tuesday’s election — despite the party’s humiliating defeat in the Rust Belt state of New Jersey, in which Trump took just 13 percent of the popular vote.

“I think it’s all well and good for the RNC to stay the course, but I think we know as a party that we need to do an extensive and detailed autopsy of exactly how we lost the election, and we should start now,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said. “We need a lot of leadership to step up and help restore the party, and we have an opportunity. We’ve got a lot of time.”

The Hill reached out to Republican leaders but did not hear back.

A GOP strategist told The Hill Tuesday night that GOP leaders in the House and Senate need to be ready to “recreate all the things they lost badly in 2016.”

“There needs to be a national Republican plan of action, whether they should stay in the same places they’re in today, whether they should go back into blue (state) territory that Hillary Clinton carried in the election, or whether they should rethink where the Republican Party is going to be going forward,” the GOP strategist told The Hill.

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