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What is the difference between the letters L and R?

What is the difference between the letters t and y?

How do you say “I don’t know” and “I think”?

In our English classes, we have taught it to us well enough to say it more times than I’d like. The point is that it never seems to be as simple as the “l”, “r” and “t” sound system.

How do you say “I don’t know” and “yes?”

I thought there might be some difference, but no. They don’t sound like they can be added to a word.

In the French class, I’m still in awe of the way they have done it. As for the English version of the questions, they are simply “what is the difference between…, who can you meet?”

They seem to be saying “Who is the least likely to want to meet a stranger?”

They also don’t even seem to bother putting a space between the key sounds. So all you hear is a line of sound like “d-o-y” or “h-o-r”.

Why do you say to “get the hell out?”

This was taken the most seriously by my French teachers. The way they use the words means something in the way they sound, even though they are English.

For instance, in the French class, they usually would say the question like this to an English-speaking teacher:

I’m not ready to give you the answer yet so I’m not going to make any suggestions.

That means they are asking the teacher to help them pick a specific answer based on their own English. In the English class, they say something like this while picking the answer:

Get the hell out already! Don’t waste my time with this stupid question.

The students then give that answer using their own French. So they have been taught to know French words and say them correctly in a class. They can then be told to use those words in another class.

Why do you say “No”?
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This is also taken the most seriously. This also means that it is French grammar, at least that’s the idea.

They are asking the teacher for the correct use of French forms. That means it is usually something about a sentence and not a word.

For instance, “Je ne suis pas dés

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