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The Obama administration’s new guidance to schools on handling student protests on campus is not likely to have a big impact on whether protests, in which students shout, chant and demonstrate, are allowed to continue in high schools, but it is a first step in an ongoing conversation about how to make students safer on school campuses. The U.S. Department of Education announced Friday that it is considering a new policy regarding the use of student-caused disruptions by school administrators.

The new guidance, issued Friday by the Office for Civil Rights, will apply to all “college- and university-sanctioned events under Title VI, including activities organized and sponsored by the school or its affiliated entities.” It instructs schools and school districts to consider an approach they call an “all-of-efforts” approach, in which officials will look for ways to reduce any possibility of potential threats of disruptive activities or physical harm on campus regardless of who is responsible for making decisions about how to handle students’ disruptions.

The guidance is designed to help school districts make sure disruptions are handled by administrators, not students. It also offers guidelines for students who want to use disruption, or to try to “mobilize the campus community to make it more diverse in response to perceived issues, for instance racial and ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and language,” as schools have been asking to do in recent months. That will help ensure that students who want to protest are handled by administrators, too.

The new guidelines, however, come after two high-profile high school student protests in North Carolina and Texas in the past few months have caused disruption on campuses across the country. And the administration hasn’t always embraced that approach, issuing guidance that led students to protest on Washington’s baseball field and in a school auditorium.

The education department also noted Friday that colleges and universities were already required to have policies in place to handle disruptions of events after recent demonstrations — but it left that up to individual schools to decide.

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“While these incidents have resulted in disruption at schools across the country, the administration’s proposal is not meant to replace existing laws or policies regarding when and how to respond to student behavior during protests,” the department said via email. “For example, the Department will continue to use and encourage voluntary and effective campus resource procedures to guide schools when considering the use of physical force or other disruptive techniques by individual students, including how to manage potential safety risks, such as

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