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That is what you call someone that plays the lower register. You don’t call that ‘bass player’, because he’s not playing the bass. He’s playing the bass! He’s ‘playing bass’. But I’m just playing the bass. It’s the same thing as playing the lead guitar, except you’re playing the bass and you’re the bass player. But if you’re playing the bass, you’re the bass player in that situation. But the question is what do you call yourself if you want to call yourself a bassist? I’m not going to say who I am. But I do know what I’m talking about! I have a great feeling for bass. I don’t know why I have that feeling, what’s up?

It’s finally here! This week’s episode of the podcast (you’re about to go into a deep dive from the depths of the Internet into the past, present, and future of music!) welcomes two of the most fascinating and innovative young men to emerge out of the New School this year, John Coltrane and Yoko Ono. (See also: the best interview of the year so far with the most brilliant and fascinating contemporary musician of her generation.) In this episode, we chat with both of them, as well as the folks, musicians, and entrepreneurs behind them, and explore their new, revolutionary approach to the recording/producing/distributing/labeling/selling of music. The show concludes with a conversation about the future of musical production, what will be the most interesting technological developments of the next decade, and how we’ll respond, and whether we ever will, if we’re all just puppets controlled by the same old guys and girls. We look forward to hearing the whole show. Enjoy!

The music for this episode is “Black Mountain” featuring the amazing Dave Clark. Check the show out here:

Thanks so much for listening. You can find John and Yoko here:





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