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This is a really tough question. Both the ukulele size and price have gone up recently, which makes the selection even more difficult. Please vote below on how you prefer to proceed! Thank you for your time!

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This is one of the most popular and beautiful wedding photos in the world, yet its origins have nothing to do with love… It was captured in 1997 by French photographer Jean-Marc Vallée who captured the stunning images that are now considered a masterpiece. And what’s so wonderful about them is that despite being stunning, they were actually taken in a home…

Jean-Marc Vallée is a master photographer and the fact that his photos are considered the epitome of an iconic wedding photo says a lot about his photography. For this particular photo, it was taken in his home city of Bordeaux in France and you can see that this is an expensive home with an elegant courtyard setting.

It was not until 2007 that Vallée decided to post this incredible image on his Website. It was featured in the prestigious Wedding Photography newsletter and it is a piece that just couldn’t be taken by anyone else than the man himself.

Even without all the incredible details mentioned in the photo, it still feels like an intimate portrait. The light source (probably a camera mounted on a tripod) in this shot is incredible as it casts lovely shadows over the couple’s lovely faces. And the gorgeous composition creates a beautiful image.

One of my favorites from Vallée’s website is this shot of a woman in a lovely traditional white dress, surrounded by beautiful white flower clusters…. Her arms are crossed and she looks so radiant and lovely.

It is an extraordinary shot by a master photographer. What makes it even more special are all the little details that you will just have to experience to believe. For example, the way Vallée captures the water in this shot is so realistic and beautiful…

And you know what else? This photo is probably one of the most popular wedding photos ever! You will find photos of people on the beach, men and women, with their arms crossed, smiling and happy. This is very rare in the wedding business. This photo is an incredible testament to that.

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