Can I learn painting online? – Online Art Lesson For Kids

It is really simple to learn online:

Sign up for the Art Academy of New Zealand, it costs $40 per year for an 8 week trial. This is your teacher! You start your lesson with a quiz that will test your knowledge and then learn by doing a mini-project. After you’ve done the project you can upload an image online, so people who are interested can view your work for free and start making sketches of what you designed. At the end of the trial you also get access to a portfolio of your best work, that others may download for free. It’s your job to share your work, so you need to put out a portfolio and be visible in your local community. I do this every month.

How well do you know painting online (and who’s you)?

I spend my free weeks helping people with a portfolio. My goal is to make a little income from all my work in the Art Academy – and share as much as I can. I will not take requests. However, I am currently looking for a new tutor to help me make money while also helping others get better with drawing and drawing with markers. I also have a gallery of my work and a Facebook page. If you are looking for something else to do, please feel free to contact me!

Can I get advice about painting online?

It is really easy to learn painting online with Art Academy. After you sign up to the online course you will be asked for a name and contact details. Thats it. You can then sign up for a free trial if you like.

How does the Art Academy differ from The Art Academy?

It is much simpler. You only need a Facebook account, a drawing tablet, Photoshop, Paint or similar software, and the ability to download an image. The Art Academy is a fully fledged online learning platform, and it is run by dedicated students who can help you learn painting online, and help you teach other students.

How do I learn painting online? Can I get advice?

As you go through your online tutorials you will gradually learn how to draw (or paint) as well, which will aid your teaching. There are no limitations: you can use your iPad for drawing, or draw on the paper for painting.

What if I can’t find a tutor?

There are no restrictions on the number of people you can tutor. But I will only advise new students who have already completed The Art Academy course

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