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Can you make mistakes and come up with ideas on the spot?

Can you be flexible? Can you be creative and have the courage to try different things without failing?

If so, then this is the kind of person you’re looking for in a software engineer. Because it means you’re open-minded and you’re willing to make mistakes. It means you can come up with innovative ideas on the spot and then make them work. It means you’re able to learn as you go, and the result would be a great product that can be adopted by other applications without any problems. But most importantly, it means you’re a leader, an expert in your field and a leader in your company.

I hope you’ll find some of these qualities in yourself. Or, rather, if you’re looking for something different, that’s great too. Either way, you’ll be a better developer for having found this


In the days before the release of the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which came out today, an article published by The Hollywood Reporter speculated that the DC Cinematic Universe has a real villain on its hands: the Joker. With this announcement, the speculation that the Joker could appear in the upcoming movie grew even further.

Of course, a more concrete answer might not be possible, so instead of guessing for how we might see the Joker, take a look at the characters he most reminds us of in the film’s trailers.

The Joker in the trailer
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The Joker is most memorable for his appearance as an “appear and destroy” kind of villain in the Batman: The Animated Series back in 1989-90. He took on and killed the Joker’s hen chow at the end of the second season, but his true motives are unknown. He has appeared several times over the years and even returned for one episode in season three. He’s been portrayed most recently in Zack Snyder’s Suicide Squad film where he plays an antagonist in the film and his main arc involves a long-standing feud between him and his daughter Harley (Margot Robbie).

Here’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s trailer, as well as the Joker from that series, to get an idea of his appearance in the film.

Photo: Warner Bros.

In addition to playing a key villain in the film, the Joker also makes a few appearences in the television shows, albeit very rarely. The second-season episode “The Riddle of the Joker

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