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Or you can make a career out of drawing.”

This is where I have to stop, because he’s talking about his own experience at home (I was the same age): “Nowadays, you can make a living doing what you’re into… but back then, if you grew up with the same dream for art, if you didn’t think that you couldn’t be a professional artist (like him), you’d probably think like him.” I have to interrupt now. You can’t do that. Not now. We don’t have access to those kinds of tools. It’s not that I don’t respect his passion. It’s that I have to wonder why he is willing to go against what he perceives to be his best option for a career, even though he’d be far worse and much more unsuccessful doing the same things.

I’m not at all surprised at the way he views being a writer. For a person who claims “all art is creative” and is willing to sacrifice almost everything—his art, his reputation, his health—to get it, it sure seems to me like he does not have the capacity for either artistic or intellectual inspiration. And that’s a bit scary, given his age, experience and talent. I wonder if he thinks that as soon as he gets off the train from the subway, and decides to hang out at an art gallery, he’s starting to be taken more seriously as a writer. If I were a writer, I would take a close look at his work now—after I’d seen the first few panels of the first issue of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Not just because I’d like to read another take on the same subject matter, but because he’s basically telling me that in order to be as successful as he is, he has to go against everything that makes him a writer in the first place. This is a writer who thinks he cannot express his vision in a meaningful way, and at least one that I’m willing to consider. I’ve seen this, on more than one occasion, before.

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I’m surprised at the way he describes her as “a bit of a hottie.” Is she, or was she not, a “little bit” of a “hottie”? Does he, or is he not, the kind of writer who thinks that even someone of his generation cannot escape the sexist association of “hottie” with a thin, curvaceous woman? “She’s a bit of a hottie

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