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Morphling: At this time, what we have is a set of abilities, morphs, all of which are based on his abilities and are somewhat based on what the hero is in question.

P.S. My brother, he’s a pro gamer, so obviously he knows what hero I’m talking about.

Q: Do you have plans to change heroes at all?

Morphling: No, we won’t be changing any heroes. We are still doing their design, we are still doing animations and we will still be doing all of their animation in the meantime (laughs).

Q: Do you have plans to expand your roster and add new characters?
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Morphling: We are always working on the rosters. There was a time where we didn’t have enough members to build another roster, so at this point there is no plans for more re-drafted characters at the moment.

Q: The team you have built, is your team built around a core three? Where do you see your skill and talent spread coming from?

Morphling: I suppose at this point our roster is pretty much in the same as a 4-3 or an 8-4. Maybe we will add a 5th player if we feel like a fifth or 6th player is needed, otherwise we are mostly just building our team structure of 4-6. Of course at the moment we are still in the process of adding players to the roster, but right now it remains something we are still doing ourselves.

Q: Do you have any heroes that you feel are a lot under-rated?

Morphling: When it comes to playing heroes in a team game, I would say that I think the first hero which I really like is Visage. He’s not a very well-known Hero, so there’s a lot of people who have played him, the game is a lot of work to pick and play him and I think it’s a fun way to play a hero.

Q: What is your dream roster and dream game?

Morphling: Maybe it would be the old DotA teams or a newer, more competitive Dota 2 team such as Secret or who are known for their DotA style, and I would like to see our team play the style I feel is the most rewarding to me.

Source: Reddit (h/t /r/leagueoflegends)


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